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The card is gorgeous eh? I drool at the sight. It is completely metal, so you can slap it on the counter for dramatic effect. With every purchase, you get free crypto sent to your account!


To obtain one of these jaw dropping cards you will first have to install the phone app on your phone. It will look something like this in the app store on iOS or Android.

Rapid growth and Nasdaq uplistings in the works


Let’s start with Voyager (VYGVF, $22 USD), a US cryptocurrency exchange serving 49 states. They having been growing 30% to 50% a MONTH the last few months. Estimates by people smarter than me say Voyager turned $20M of revenue in March and a whopping $38M of revenue in April. We are hearing long term to expect 50% EBITDA and maybe 35% net income. $38M each month brings us to $432M a year with no growth. 35% of of that is roughly $144M of net income.

Earning $1 USD a share Voyager with…

Up 64% for 2021. My thoughts on the portfolio.


I am still up around 64% for 2021. This is little changed from my Feb 2021 update. I was hoping to be up 100% for the year by now, but I got ambushed by low gross margins in the Adcore Q4 report, even though revenue was up 219% YoY.

The Apr 2021 Portfolio

What I Sold

I have sold LMND, CRWD and FVRR as I believe tech leadership of this rally is possibly at an end and they are vulnerable to pullbacks since they have very high valuations built on huge growth assumptions. …

Laying out my investment strategy

In early 2019 I came back hard to investing. I had let it slide for a few years while I chased a business opportunity. The portfolio was beaten down still from the last round of mistakes where I over-concentrated in oil, gas and mining related stocks. I wandered for years in that wilderness, attracted by the drill it and sell it faux simplicity of many energy companies.

My self-confidence was gone. I had lost 80% or more of the nice pile of money I had accumulated before my energy and mining investments nosedived. I wondered…

Too much or too little will kill your returns

So you made it past my clickbait title? Let me tell you about about this one time. It was December. I had made nearly zero money in my portfolio all year. Depressing. Annoying! One of my underperforming companies was a pharmaceutical company we will call Alpha Drugs for this story. They had a Phase II trial underway on a drug. I heard a juicy rumor Phase II results were going to be good, and they were due out any day. I sold everything else in my portfolio put 100% of my…

New price target and new developments.

It was a little over three months ago that I wrote my thesis “Can ADCORE be a 40 Bagger?” At that point ADCO.v traded at $0.49 CAD. Today it trades at $2.75 CAD. We have a long way to go to get to a 40 bagger at $19.60 CAD. However, we are on the way now! The train has left the station! ADCORE for the win!

Enough hype now, but seriously this has been exciting. As a result of Covid 19, e-commerce penetration that normally took five years to happen, happened all at once…

Up 65% in the first six weeks of 2021. Adjustments have I made.


Around six weeks ago, on Dec 31, 2020 I published my portfolio breakdown for the world to see. Perhaps 10 people read it the first month, but in the last two weeks interest has exploded! I might make enough Medium $$$ to buy a cup of coffee! Yesterday I made some significant adjustments to my portfolio, so it seems like a good time to put out an update.

Up 65% Year to Date

I am up an astonishing 65% since Jan 1, 2021, in six to seven weeks. Honestly, I am still…

Build your wealth with another 3X on your money.

Executive Summary

Greenbox POS is a disruptive financial tech company that improves the speed, flexibility and security of payments using their patented blockchain settlement technology stack. Today it traded last at $14.19 on its first day on the Nasdaq. I estimate it will be worth at least $40.00 a share by Dec 31, 2021. I bought shares from $12.00 to $14.27 today.


Valuation, valuation, valuation. We always have to start here. Greenbox POS is a trendy (blockchain) company that appears to me to be growing revenue 150% per year organically. …

Bitcoin risk versus reward is a solid bet


I passed on Bitcoin once back when it was $50 a coin. I almost spent $1,000 on a credit card to get 20 Bitcoin, but couldn’t pull the trigger. I had lost $23,000 buying stocks on credit cards right before the dot com bust of 2000. My tech stocks went from something to nothing in about a year. Losing the $23,000 was a mistake of hubris from a 20 something year old who thought he knew it all. Unfortunately my caution borne out from life lessons would cost me big time. …

Lindsay Leeds

I am an IT guy by trade, with interests in investing and personal finance.

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